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old walking trails | we will tread this path soon

White Sands National Monument is a really beautiful, unique place. I always love going there, no matter what the weather. This time around is was beautifully sunny, and rather hot. It made the three of us want to flop about in the sand. There's always space for a picnic, although we ate before we left. You have to remember to bring lots of liquids, though. Also, you need to stay in designated areas! People have gotten lost and died there before! Just be smart and stay careful!

Run up that hill!

This is Momo, who really likes running about the sand~

Angela and Momo, wandering across the sands

Momo, far in the distance at the top of a hill~

The sand forms patterns in the wind, and they can be really gorgeous.

In some places the sand looks like how I imagine the ocean might.

Three friends: shadows in the sand.

Now it's time for silly pose!shadows~!

Sometimes the sand is like stone.

It's-a me! With rathe windblown hair and my Doctor Who t-shirt.

And then Angela. I think I'd pawned the camera off on Momo at this point.

I walk. This sort of ground is very prickly and hard on the footsies.

My hair, there is too much of it. Although now I can scrape it back into a little bob of a ponytail.

WHuT YOU SAY? There is TEH SUN in eyes. I cannot see.



Going up the hill~

Too much work. Time to flop down~

Momo ran up to me, and I really thought she was going to jump on me.

Halfway to making a sand angel and I flaked out halfway through

Flopped down on the sand.

The sand feels lovely and cool on the skin.

Momo is rolling down the hill~

Wrestling in the sand is fun!

Bury me is saaaaand~

Bury Momo in sand~


We saw this little guy, and managed to snap a picture of him before he ran away~

Budding sunset - a bit hazy out.

I overturned a clump of sand to find some trash someone had just left there. I said, "that makes me sad", and picked it all up.

And Momo closes out the trip with a beautiful sideways hill climb~


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Jul. 18th, 2011 02:42 pm (UTC)
"Momo, far in the distance at the top of a hill~": Even though that shot doesn't look like the ocean, my first impression of it was how vast it was. I couldn't see the end of it, which meant I was on a planet.

I love how you capture White Sands' beauty and variety, from beach to whipped cream to rock. The three happy girls turn the zen garden's sea of tranquility (The long shot and footprints in "Flopped down on the sand": 'Houston, the eagles have landed') into a fun, natural amusement park. You laughing crazily is wonderfullllll. +1 to Momo. xD

The lizard next to the sunset gives a nice sense of perspective, picking up the trash is quietly hearttugging and heartwarming, and tilting the camera at the end: Genius.~
( 1 meandering trail — come walk with me )

heeey, is that really the date?

July 2011
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